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Print Apply AppliquesBulk Compo Heating & Handling Instructions

Bulk Compo from Bomar Designs is the same material we use to form our composition ornaments. We do sell bulk compo in 5lb loaves and these instructions outline the method we recommend using when creating your own ornaments.

To make compo soft and pliable it needs to be gently warmed to about 110° - 120° Fahrenheit. This is best accomplished by using a microwave oven.

Un-wrap a 5lb portion and place it in microwave on a protective surface like cardboard. Warm on high setting for 30 seconds. After heating for 30 seconds, rotate and flip material upside down and then heat for another 30 seconds. Repeat this process until material begins to soften.

It is very important that you warm material slowly and evenly. Even if your microwave has a rotisserie feature compo should be warmed in increments of 30 seconds or less and flipped. This material warms just fine when it is done slowly but it can be burnt or overheated if you're not careful.


Not rotating compo when warming will result in hot spots that can burn skin. Please be very careful. Fresh compo only needs to be about 110o F to be pliable and worked by hand. If the material is too hot to hold in your hand then it has been overheated or has dried past a usable state.

When warming, smaller portions warm in smaller time increments. Small portions warm extremely fast and can get very hot. Please use caution.

Once the compo is warm, remove from microwave and knead on a work surface like you would knead bread dough: folding the compo (or the loaf) in half and working the dough together, then repeating. This will remove any air bubbles and will evenly distribute the heat throughout the compo.

Once you have kneaded the compo several times, portion the loaf and form the portions into cylindrical logs with the same approximate width and length to the ornament you are creating.

Place the compo portion into the mold. Slightly wet a metal plate or board and place it on top of the compo and press the compo into the mold. Pull the board away from the mold and the ornament should pull out of the mold. Cut the ornament away from the excess compo.

If you have additional questions, please give us a call.

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